Lexi Belle Gets Some Sensual Loving

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Lexi Belle is a woman of beauty and wonder. She’s such a sensual and seductive woman, it’s no surprise men fall for her in an instant. This gentleman has been blessed with the opportunity of getting to spend a night with her – something slow, sensual and highly erotic. You can tell by the goosebumps on Lexi’s skin that she’s absolutely loving this love making session.

His hands and lips explore her body, kissing every inch of her, making her wet and wild and ready to fuck. When she simply can’t contain herself, she sits up and reached for his long cock – ready to please. She sucks his dick for a while until she’s ready to climb on top and fuck him. As she rocks back and forth on his dick, his hands hold her hips and caress her tits until the two cum in unison.

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Lexi Belle Gives Personal Burlesque Show

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Lexi Belle is famous for her burlesque performances and Johnny is excited to have the chance to see the seductive performer in action. But when the lovely lady sees how big the handsome Johnny is, she can’t resist giving him a very special private showing just for the two of them to enjoy.

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Lexi Belle in Tight White Shorts

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Pretty and petite little blonde Lexi Belle is looking fetching in tight white shorts and vibrant blue shirt. She’s strutting her stuff just for you in the privacy of her backyard. She wants to tease you and drive you wild. She wants you to enjoy everything you see. Lexi loves to be looked at and the first thing she wants to show you is how beautiful her sweet breasts are.

You know you’d love to have your hands on those, caressing them and pinching their nipples. She strips her shorts off and sits down, spreading her legs for you and showing you that she really needs some hard attention deep inside of her.

She’d really love it if you could drive in deep doggy style and show her that you’re a take-charge kind of lover. Don’t be intimidated by her beauty. Lexi is sweet, loving, and ready for some action.

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Lexi Belle Blonde Hottie in Blue Thigh High Stockings

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Woo! Pornstar Lexi Belle is looking gorgeous in bed. She’s wearing white satin bra and panties and blue thigh highs. It’s not every day you see stockings like those – that look so good on this beautiful blonde.

She rolls around in bed in such a way that will make you weak in the knees. Her blue legs and heels raised in the air – no panties on, and every now and then you can catch a glimpse of that little pink slit. This minx is a total tease – there’s no way to avoid being completely taken by Lexi Belle!

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Lexi Belle is Just a Country Girl

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

When she’s wearing those tight little cut off shorts, Lexi Belle looks like that southern girl that all guys secretly dream about – the one that you want to end up in the hay loft with. She’s got an ass just meant for grabbing as you peel those shorts down to find the promised land. She turns around and you catch that flash of red bra and you know that this little lass isn’t nearly as innocent as you thought at first. You just might get lucky after all.

Your sweet little country girl is now a temptress in red. Soon she’s undressing even further, exposing her beautiful body to your hungry eyes, and finally you realize that you’re actually in the living room, about to get it on with this gorgeous babe in a big comfortable chair – a definite improvement over a scratchy old hay loft! Dive in, stud!

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Lexi Belle Has Pussy Licked by Hot Blonde

Saturday, February 20, 2016

After a rough break up, Lexi Belle‘s bestie took her out for drinks. Little did she know that the night would lead to wild sex!

These two got all dressed up and went to the club to dance and drink. It was a blast, just what she needed. The more she drank, the closer she got to her friend. The night was a blur – skin tight dresses stripped off one another. Blonde hair everywhere as these hotties make out and spread their legs. They can’t get enough of each other’s sweet pussy juice.

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Lexi Belle Gets Frisky in the Backyard

Friday, February 19, 2016

Lexi Belle is feeling like a natural girl today. She’s looking fetching in a simple flowered dress and she is enjoying being outside with the plants. She’s enjoying it so much, in fact, that it’s turning her on.

The kiss of the breeze against her bare skin makes her lift her skirt so she can feel it even more. She decides that her nipples would love the tickle of the breeze too and as soon as the air hits them, her nipples stiffen nicely. That’s all the encouragement Lexi needs to take everything off and bask in the feel of her young naked flesh feeling the play of the air.

It turns her own so much that before long, she’s squatting in the grass, opening her legs so the breeze can tease her clit and wet pussy. She’s so turned on right now that she thinks the breeze might just be enough to make her cum.

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Lexi Belle is a Stocking Clad Goddess

Sunday, February 14, 2016

This golden honey has got something nice and tasty for you – its a salacious striptease that’s surely going to get your cock hard. Lexi Belle knows just what it takes to turn you on and as you watch her bare all, you’ll think she’s been reading your mind! Her hair hangs in curls over her shoulders, loose tendrils grazing along her nipples.

She slides her panties off, the silky fabric falls to the floor and all she has left on are her stockings, garter belt and heels. She wants to give you quite the show and with her legs spread is just the way to do it. Her legs go high in the air, but if you look between them you’ll see that silky snatch of hers peeking through. She’s giving you front row to this pussy party! Her fingers run over her cunt and she can feel just how hot she is. This horny babe can’t wait much longer – she needs to fuck and cum asap!

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Lexi Belle is Gaga Sex Toy for Married Couple

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Lexi Belle has been paid to dress like Lady Gaga, even with the infamous hair bow. Kelly Madison has paid this hot pornstar to dress like this and be a sex plaything for her and her husband. This horny couple is aching to get down and fuck this sweet blonde girl.

This is incredible! Kelly’s big tits bouncing about Lexi Belle while she’s being fucked. Both husband and wife are enjoying savoring that wet warm pussy!

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Lexi Belle Has Silky Smooth Legs

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Lexi Belle is the angel you’ve been waiting for. She’s the princess of purity in her pure white lingerie. You know that white means purity and this babe is as innocent as they come – or so she may have you think! She can be incredibly naughty at times, the thing is, she doesn’t always show it. Good thing for you that this set of pics gives you a peak into her secret naughty times.

If the lacy bra and panties weren’t enough for you, Miss Lexi has on one hot garter belt and pair of nude stockings. Any nylon lover is going to be gaga over legs like these! That silky fabric clings to her climbs to make her an ultra stocking Goddess. With her legs spread wide you get a good look at her wet pussy. The blood’s flowing fine in this sex kitten, so you better get ready!

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OMG!!! Lexi Belle’s First Anal!

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Lexi Belle is the cutest little blonde on the net, and now, after all these years, she’s is taking the cock UP HER ASS!
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Lexi Belle First Anal

Lexi Belle Strips Down For Fingering

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

You’ve been waiting for so long to see this pink pixie in all her glory. She’s been dying to slip out of her bra and panties in order to give you quite the show. You know you love seeing Lexi Belle with her legs spread, so you might wanna unzip those panties and get a good look at these pics.

Once she’s naked, she can’t help but show off her goods. Those tits are soft and perky and you know that your hands belong cupping them. And don’t even get me started on that bald little pussy of her’s. She’s spreading the pink to get you all riled up. You better take a break from your dick to check your pulse, because a hottie like this might just push you over the limit!

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Lexi Belle is Girlie in Her Pink Lingerie

Friday, January 29, 2016

This pretty blonde thing is dressed to impress so be ready for what she’s got to offer. Lexi Belle is wearing a pale pink bra and panty set she has on is adorable. The bows and frills make it so much more girlie. She’s wanting to show you something even more femme though – her naked body. She’s an absolute beauty so there’s no way you can turn down an invitation like that!

With her bra unhooked and simply held against her chest, you can see what a hot little bod she’s got. Those perky pink tits look so inviting there. Her nipples are ripe and erect and you know your tongue would make such a good home on them.

You know what’s next to come – that little slit of heaven between her legs. You know she’s already wet. She’s just filled with pussy juice that’ll make your dick slick once it’s all slid up in there.You only get a sneak peak for now, but soon you’ll get to see the entire pie.

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Lexi Belle Loves Her Big Blue Toy

Monday, January 25, 2016

The always playful Lexi Belle is feeling mighty frisky today! Her thin little tank top clings to her body making it easy to see her erect nipples poking out. And those tiny denim shorts are just tight enough so the seam of them is rubbing on her clit. All that movement she’s doing is making her awfully excited and there’s only one way she knows of taking care of it. She needs to get fucked. And NOW.

As her clothes come off, her toys come out. Seeing there’s no real cock around to do the job, Lexi has a blue dildo that she knows will get her off. She love teasing herself with it – running it along her tits, feeling it’s coolness run along her nipples gets her even more turned on. Once she’s at her breaking point, she thrusts that thing right into her wet cunt. She’s so slick that it easily slides in and out of her.

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Lexi Belle Gets Down and Dirty in Las Vegas

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Lexi Belle loves getting out on the road for wild trips. She’s just embarked on a crazy sex trip to Las Vegas with best friend Jordan Ash. These two get into all kinds of positions and situations on the road and Vegas means things are going to get bigger and better! Lexi has all kinds of goodies including sex toys and plenty of porn that’ll keep these two fuck bunnies going for hours!

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